Does Safelist Marketing Work?

Does safelist marketing work? I guess that depends
who you ask.

Over the last 20 yrs 95% of my online success has come
from posting ads for free using safelists. It’s a lot of
work, clicking for credits in order to post ads, I post to
at least 20 safelists a day, and everyday I post to different

Now you may say that users are only clicking for credits and have
no interest in what your posting, They couldn’t be more wrong.

I speak with people everyday who tell me the business their in
does not work, they have been trying for years to make money online
with no success. So everyday there not only clicking for credits
to post their own ads, but also looking for the next opportunity.
This happens 7 days a week 365 days a year.

One thing I can guarantee that when someone clicks on your ad
at a safelist, that is a real person not a robot. but a real
targeted visitor.

If you like you can also purchase login ads, solo ads,
and if there available network ads, Network ads go out to
multiple sites at one time, and you don’t have to
be a member of the other sites to promote, this type of advertising
is very inexpensive and a time saver and works great. Users are
given more credits to click on these ads which increases your exposure.

Many people purchase solo ads with no idea what kind of list the
seller has. I have been burned several times with solo ads that
I can’t honeslty recommend them unless the seller is willing to give
you the optin form they use so you can see if your ad actually went out,
even then I would
be skeptical.

For me and thousands of others safelist marketing works, but
only if you treat your business, as a business and not a hobby

Below is a list of some of the safelists I use daily
which I highly recommend

There are thousands more, just go to google and type
safelists in the search bar.

The company I have been a member of since 1999, provides
us wih a list of the top 20 safelists online, (it’s more like 50).
Now you may think these ads are being bomb barded with Worldprofit
ads, wrong again. You see the reality is, and this goes for
any online business. People are lazy, they think if they send
an ad out 10,000 members of a safelist that everyone is
going to click on the credit link and join and your work
is done for the day. That is a pipe dream, it won’t happen.
You see as I said earlier, people are clicking for credits
to promote the business they are involved in now, but are
also looking for another opportunity, those are the links they
are clicking on. Even when people tell me the business I am
involved in does not work, My response is “If that is true
how did you get here”? most likely from a safelist.

It’s very strange to me how people put money out
to join an opportunity and do nothing, then blame
the company. It doesn’t matter what you do, if
YOU don’t treat it like a business you will
not only fail, but you will fail miserably.

When promoting your business don’t get discouraged
just keep plugging away. Many people fail because
they just give up, don’t let that be you!

best of luck.

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